Thursday, November 10, 2016

Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2017 - What's New in User Experience Part 2 Smart Notifications.

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As we are discussing New Features in Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2017. Today we will discuss changes in User Experience Part 2.

We will see what have been changed in terms of Notification to the users and how a user can customize notification as per his/her requirements.

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User Notification, let's say Item availability notifications in a Sales Document which used to Popup a window of availability matrix till 2016 have been moved to the top ribbon of the document.

If user wants he/she can see the details of the notification by selection Details as shown below.

These Notifications will appear in a similar manner in the web client too.

If you are using Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2017, then you might have seen one more new type of notification that appears for a unposted document. Suppose you create a sales order and added items that you plan to sell with that sales order and try to close system prompt you that the order has not been posted like below.

Which is kind of weird that I as a developer or may be an expert NAV user don't want to have? So what should I do as a NAV user, should I report to partner and get these notifications removed as a customization.

NO, we can now customize what notification we want and also may be based on some conditions. Sounds interesting -  navigate to Department, Administration, Application Setup, Role Tailored Client. 

Select My Settings - and Change When you want Receive Notifications.

Enable , Disable or customize a Notification as per your requirements. 

Let me know your views about feature or article.

Stay connected there is a lot more coming for NAV 2017.

Saurav Dhyani

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