Monday, October 24, 2016

Weekly Digest - Start Week with some Great Discussion about NAV.

Hello Great Readers,

How can I miss you all about the Learnings that I have during the last week?

There is a lot of Happening around NAV world, and I try to read as much as I can.

"I have a responsibility to keep most of you informed"
Here are some latest discussion which I find interesting -

1. What do you feel about discussion (Confusion) about NAV is Open Source?

Read here From – Applied Hacking  
Open Source or Closed Source, Open Model !!

2. We Love FOB than Text Right, This Article will change the way we Think - 

Read Here From
FOB, not good. TXT, good. DELTA, the best.

3. Lot discussed regarding Extensions, These articles should answer most of the questions - 

Read From Waldo - 

a. Extend existing objects With Extensions 
    Yesterday, Today, Tomorrow

b. Concerns With Extensions 

c. What Steps to Take 
    Move your feet or lose your seat

4. Everyone Looking for Information about NAV 2017, Get a Start with Steven Renders.
   New CAL Functions in NAV 2017.

5. Looking for HOW DO I Series for NAV 2017.

    Visit here and Filter Page With Product Version NAV 2017.
    Dynamics Learning Portal Have Released around 17 How DO I Videos for NAV 2017.

6. Looking for Information about New Developer Environment -

   Read Here From Kauffmann  
   Get used to it before it hits your NAV development environment!

One more thing before we end this article.

If you are interested in Report Development, then please visit youtube Playlist for Report Development Videos. Your Views and suggestion are most welcome and those will help also to address all issues that we should cover in this video series.

That all for this week, and yes we all are eagerly waiting for Release of NAV 2017 Today. I have already uninstalled the Beta Product :). See you later today.

Saurav Dhyani

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