Friday, October 28, 2016

Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2017 - What's New In Item Categories.

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As we are discussing New Features in Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2017. Today we will discuss changes in Item Categories. 

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Till NAV 2016, Item Categories were a simple List Where we can specify the Categories and some other default parameters.

Other than that we can have multiple Product Groups assigned to an Item Category as Shown Below.

Now With Dynamics NAV 2017, Item Categories have been changed. Let's See That -

1. Navigate to Departments - Financial Management - Inventory - Setup - Item Categories.

2. With NAV 2017, There are no Product Groups in Item Categories.
** If you plan to upgrade, all Product Groups will be Sub Item Categories and List will be displayed with Parent-Child relationship (Hierarchical Structure).

3. You can also Specify Attributes in the Item Categories -

a) An Attribute assigned to the Parent will automatically get assigned to the Child Item Categories.

b) An Attribute assigned to the Item Categories will get automatically assigned to Item when the user selects the Item Category.

Still Wondering What Happened to default value Fields which were there in Item Categories till NAV 2016 ?  If Yes, Keep Reading we will discuss same in Next Post.

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