Tuesday, September 13, 2016

Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2017 - Are you Expecting these?

Hi All,

Just attended Directions Monthly Call and there are some discussion on Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2017.

Other Discussions in Meeting were around - Dynamics 365 and Directions US and Directions EMEA.

There were not many details about Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2017, but just an overview of features in Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2017.


New Features in Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2017 on -

  • Office 365 Integration with Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2017.
    • Integration of Outlook and NAV 2017.
    • Embedding of Power BI in NAV 2017. 
     * Looking forward to this integrations & will it support Windows authentication?
  • Enhancing the Core Application and Platform.Application improvements in some areas in Microsoft Dynamics NAV.
    • Setup and Configuration.
    • User Experience. 
    • Finance.
    • Jobs.
    • CRM.
    • Items.
      * Is it what we all see in Dynamics 365 / Project Madeira that is -
    1. Assisted Setup.
    2. Support Tutorial or Setup Tutorial.
    3. Items having attributes.
    4. Bricks View for List Pages.
      * I think anything which was there in Dynamics 365 / Project Madeira, should be part of Dynamics NAV 2017.
  • Creating New Opportunities -  related to Dynamics SASS Solution -
    • E- everything.
    • PowerApps & Microsoft Flow.
    • Extended Extensions. 
    • Cortana 
If you are attending Directions US or Directions EMEA, there are sessions which I would like to attend, but I have to wait for the Product announcements or Beta (if any) for Microsoft Dynamics 2017.

If you are attending then you can register for Workshops using link below - 

If you want to look details of Direction Sessions visit below link -

What do you think? Share your views as a comment to the article.

Saurav Dhyani

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