Tuesday, July 12, 2016

Microsoft Dynamics 365 - A Piece of it is Project Madeira!!

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Today after attending a Microsoft Meeting, this bring some more clarity about New Names in Microsoft Dynamics Family.

In this article we will discuss about Project Madeira and Microsoft Dynamics 365.

As we are discussing Microsoft Dynamics 365.

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1. First thing that i would like to bring to all to your notice is that Microsoft has all the pieces to deliver is a single suite as shown below.

As you can see Everything From Office 365, Power BI, IoT, Dynamics and PowerApps all in one suite. Looks nice right.

2. From the above image as you can see Dynamics 365 is available with two Editions -
  - Business Edition.
  - Enterprise Edition.

Below Image Provide the Difference between two. Business Edition provide Financials whereas Enterprise Edition provide more functionality.

As you were reading that Project “Madeira” has come to Canada in a localized version specific for the Canadian market, starting Monday, July 11. Read Announcement Here. 

So here is the news- Microsoft Dynamics 365 Financials will be Project Madeira.
Now you might be thinking what Road-map for Microsoft Dynamics 365. I think below image should be able to answer this query.

Dynamics 365 Business Edition will be launched during NAVUG Summit, be there if you can.

Hope this bring some clarity to you too.

Do let me know your views as comment to the article.

Saurav Dhyani

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