Friday, May 13, 2016

Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2015 / 2016 - How to Create a Blank Database with Blank Company?

Hi all,

This was part of question series #IKnowNav that I started. The reason behind the article as most of the responses answered its not possible.
Most of us need to create such database during implementation of a project.

In this article we will see steps to achieve same.

For the Demo I am using NAV 2016 but steps remain same for NAV 2015 also.

Steps -

1. Create a New Database in NAV 2016 using Developer Environment.
** I Name my Database as Blank Database.

2. Next Create a Service for the database or change database name on any existing service. (Don't Start Service).

** I Name my service as BlankService.
** Make sure that service account should have sufficient permission on SQL for database.

3. Export all objects from the Cronus Demo Database based on your requirement.
** I am taking all objects from NAV 2016 W1.

4. Open Blank Database created and From File Menu, Import all objects exported in Step 3.
   Select Replace all from import Worksheet window and select Later in the schema synchronization option.

** If you don't know what these option means you can read here.

5. Start the Service and From Developer Environment (RUN AS ADMINISTRATOR) either compile all objects with schema synchronization as Now with validation or from Tools select sync. schema for all tables - with Validation.

6. Now if we want to run the Role Tailored Client for Blank Database, we will end up with this error.

7. so we need company to start RTC Client. What are our options to create a new company?
   Yes its Powershell or NAV Administration shell.

How to Create a New Company in Database? (Using Powershell)


Open Dynamics NAV 2016 Administration Shell (Run as administrator).

Use Cmdlet New-NAVCompany and select Enter.
Enter Parameters Company Name & Service Name as shown below.
Once you see prompt back that means company is created.

8. Let's try to access Windows Client now.

I hope you will find the post useful and let me know as comments if you have any issues.

Saurav Dhyani

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