Monday, February 15, 2016

Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2016 - Changes In Export To Excel Function.

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Let's start with a Small Change that have been released with Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2016.

When You are Developing a Report Having Custom Save As Excel Feature, You will find this small Change in Excel Buffer Function.

After Entering Data in Excel Buffer Table Either Using Enter Cell Function or AddColumn Function of Excel Buffer Table, you will call a Function i.e CreateBookAndOpenExcel.

This Function CreateBookAndOpenExcel Till Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2015 used to accept Following Parameter.

 - Sheet Name.
 - Report Header.
 - Company Name.
 - User ID.

I Faced This issue during an Upgrade Project. The Function Have been Changed with an Additional
parameter. So Now with Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2016 The Paramters of Functions are -

 - File Name. 
 - Sheet Name.
 - Report Header.
 - Company Name.
 - User ID.

** The New Parameter Should Contain File Name and Path Name that is valid folder in the NAV Server.

If you still want to use the old approach or you are finding this as a error during upgrade just pass
Blank as value to file Name, as below -

ExcelBuffer.CreateBookAndOpenExcel('','Sheet 1','Report',COMPANYNAME,USERID);

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