Monday, December 7, 2015

Microsoft Power BI - November Updated Released.

Hi All,

Microsoft Have Released the Update for November with 26 New Features.

Let's see what are the Updates and from where we can download the Updated Product.

For Downloading Latest Product Click here.

Summary of Updates Released on November Update - 

Report Authoring
Play Axis for Scatter Chart
Horizontal Slicers
Slicer Selection Behaviors (single vs. multi-select)
Control Z-order
Background Colors for Slides
Interactions between Visuals – Subview (tile by)
Duplicate Pages
Support for KPIs and Images in Tables, Matrices and Cards
Better Tooltips on Area Charts & Line Charts
Ability to change Text size in Cards & Tables/Matrix
Improved tooltips and labels in Field Well and Formatting panes
Ability to see Categories with no data
Improved Default Sort behaviors for visuals
Ability to control Axis Scale display units
Visuals Refresh Optimizations when applying basic modeling operations

Data Modeling
Basic Automatic Date Features

Data Connectivity
SSAS Multidimensional support
SAP Hana
R Script
DirectQuery for SQL Server, Azure SQL DB and Azure SQL DW
Azure Data Lake Store

Data Transformations
Improved Function Invocation experience
Option to set Credentials at Server vs. Database level
Add Prefix/Suffix to a Text column

Other Improvements
New Documentation Website, now also including localized content.

For Detailed Explanation of all these features watch video.

Saurav Dhyani

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