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Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2016 - Reports Do we need to Upgrade From NAV 2015?

Hi All,

Whenever there is a Release for Microsoft Dynamics NAV, the partners worry about changes in RDLC Layout.

If you remember there were changes in usage of Set-data and Get-data from NAV 2009 to NAV 2013 which in some cases causes issues when we use the standard Microsoft Upgrade report Action.

For Already Published Article about  NAV 2016 Click Here.

In this article we will try to identify the answer of a common Query.

"If My Customer is Already Upgrade to Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2015, Do I Need to Upgrade Report Again?"

So Let's me share what I exactly Did.

1. I took an instance of NAV 2016 W1 (world Wide) Release. Exported All Reports as Text File.

2. I took an Instance of NAV 2015 W1 Release with Cumulative Update 11. Exported All Reports as Text File.

I Compared those two text files.

The Good New Is - 

  1. I Didn't find major changes in the Report Layout Part.
  2. The Changes that I Found between the Two Text Files are related to Code Fixes.
  3. You can consider those changes as applying a Cumulative Update on Your Existing Customer Database.
  4. The Changes which I Found are as listed below.

Set Functions to Local as shown below -
** We find this kind of changes in Every Cumulative Update.

Removal of Code Related to Export To Excel -

Changes in Code as per New Standard Code -

** Below is the standard modification for Approval Template. Approval Template are discontinued  re-engineered and now  are part of Workflow A New Feature in NAV 2016.

So Based on my analysis (which can be wrong) Any Report already upgrade to NAV 2015 can be deployed with NAV 2016. And that actually as a Developer make me so Happy.

Hope you also share the same felling. Do share your comments.

Stay in touch, There is more yet to Come on NAV 2016.

Saurav Dhyani


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