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Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2016 - New Features Part 3

Hi All,

In this article Let's talk about a New Feature Released with Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2016.

Preview Posting

We will Cover - 
  • How to use Preview Posting With Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2016.
  • Technical aspect of Preview Posting.
  • Where all we can find Preview Posting in Base Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2016.

With Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2016, you can see the impact of Order before actual posting.

Yes with Preview Posting you can see the impact on all ledgers and sub-ledgers which will have an impact during actual posting. The Preview Posting not only list down the Name of Ledgers and Sub-Ledgers but also List down the values that will be posted during actual Transaction.


1. Open A Purchase Order in Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2016.

2. Navigate to Action Tab and select Preview Posting as shown below.

3. It will post the Purchase Order, using Temporary Record Set as shown below.

4. Once Temporary Posting is completed you can check the Ledgers and Sub-ledgers as Below.

Technical aspect of Preview Posting -

  • Technically In Microsoft Dynamics Navision 2016, a New Codeunit 19 Gen. Jnl.-Post Preview have been introduced.
  • The Codeunit works with all Temporary Variables and show the Results.
  • The Codeunit is Single Instance Codeunit, so data remain in Temporary Instances of the tables.

Pages Where Preview Posting is Available -

Below are the Pages List from where we can access Preview Posting, Grouped based on Application Areas. 

A Total of 42 Pages From the Functionality is Available.

OBJECT Page 39 General Journal
OBJECT Page 232 Apply Customer Entries
OBJECT Page 233 Apply Vendor Entries
OBJECT Page 253 Sales Journal
OBJECT Page 254 Purchase Journal
OBJECT Page 255 Cash Receipt Journal
OBJECT Page 256 Payment Journal
OBJECT Page 283 Recurring General Journal
OBJECT Page 610 IC General Journal
OBJECT Page 981 Payment Registration
OBJECT Page 1020 Job G/L Journal

Fixed Assets
OBJECT Page 5628 Fixed Asset G/L Journal
OBJECT Page 5629 Fixed Asset Journal
OBJECT Page 5634 Recurring Fixed Asset Journal
Service Orders
OBJECT Page 5900 Service Order
OBJECT Page 5905 Service Lines
OBJECT Page 5933 Service Invoice
OBJECT Page 5935 Service Credit Memo
OBJECT Page 42 Sales Order
OBJECT Page 43 Sales Invoice
OBJECT Page 44 Sales Credit Memo
OBJECT Page 1304 Mini Sales Invoice
OBJECT Page 1306 Mini Sales Invoice List
OBJECT Page 1317 Mini Sales Credit Memos
OBJECT Page 1319 Mini Sales Credit Memo
OBJECT Page 6630 Sales Return Order
OBJECT Page 9301 Sales Invoice List
OBJECT Page 9302 Sales Credit Memos
OBJECT Page 9304 Sales Return Order List
OBJECT Page 9305 Sales Order List
OBJECT Page 50 Purchase Order
OBJECT Page 51 Purchase Invoice
OBJECT Page 52 Purchase Credit Memo
OBJECT Page 1354 Mini Purchase Invoice
OBJECT Page 1356 Mini Purchase Invoice List
OBJECT Page 1367 Mini Purchase Credit Memos
OBJECT Page 1369 Mini Purchase Credit Memo
OBJECT Page 6640 Purchase Return Order
OBJECT Page 9307 Purchase Order List
OBJECT Page 9308 Purchase Invoices
OBJECT Page 9309 Purchase Credit Memos
OBJECT Page 9311 Purchase Return Order List

I Hope most of customer would love this feature.Do share when you go to sell the product. :)

Hope you find the information useful. Do Comment your Views.

Stay Tuned, there is more coming about Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2016.

Saurav Dhyani


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