Monday, June 1, 2015

Completed 5 Years With Microsoft Dynamics NAV.

Hi all,

There are some magical numbers in life to remember and I surely consider completing this nice milestone of 5 Years as a Part of Microsoft Dynamics NAV Family is something to cherish and brag about :).

Not that it is going to change anything, it is always a feel good factor. Sense of getting reborn into a new role itself was something worth as part of this whole experience.

There are some Great things happened in Past Five Years -

Great Learning – I started as a Fresher in Microsoft Dynamics NAV and with the help of mentors around me and Colleagues i had great learning Experience. Connection with Consultants around the Globe is so much fun. As you are also reading this you are also part of the my Learning Experience.

Great people and friends –  I think this is the best thing happened during last five years. The Great People and Friends are from my company, Personal Friends & Around the world via Blogs/Forums/Interaction Sessions. Please always be in touch & Thanks a lot.

New Challenges everyday – Everyone have the Challenges inn there jobs. You all friends also played a important Role to share the Challenges that you have and i tried my best to resolve most of the challenges.

Recognition and Rewards - In last five years i started this blog to interact around the world.
The Blog was awarded as Top 7 Blogs in Year 2014.I was also awarded as Microsoft Most Valuable Professional in Year 2014. This would again not be possible with my Friends who read my articles.

Thanks for reading this far. Thanks again for supporting me till date – looking forward for the support in future too.

Please always be in touch...

Saurav Dhyani

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