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NAV - RTC Report Reset Row No. / Serial No. on Group Change.

Hi all,

This post is based on query of one of my reader Peter Huba.

During Report Development we face queries like resetting the Row  No. when there is a change in Group.

What we exactly Try To Do ?

We tried to write C/AL code based on our group and try to set/reset a variable.
But in some cases that doesn't help too as we have visibility condition in RDLC Rows which create issues.

What we Don't Do ?

We don't try to lookup the power of Visual Studio for same. We still try to beat the bush using C/AL Code.

Now let's see how simple it is using Power of Visual Studio -

1. Created a simple Report Using Item Ledger Entry Table.

2. In Layout Group the Report with Item.

3. In above Screen you can see Sr. No. , Lets see what is the expression that i have used inside that.
Visual Studio have a simple function RowNumber To get The Row Number. Function take Group Name as Parameter as shown Below.

4. Now Let's Save and Run the Report. The Output seems as below.

5. There are some items which don't have Remaining Quantity, as highlighted above.
6. Let's add a visibility condition for Excluding those lines having remaining quantity as ZERO.

7. Let's Run The Report and select Option to Exlude Lines With Remaining Quantity as ZERO.

And the Output of Report is as below.

I hope this will help some of my readers and would like to hear from you as comment to this article.

If required you can download the Report from My SkyDrive Folder.

FileName - NAV2013R2_Report_Serial_No_With_Grouping.rar

Saurav Dhyani


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