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NAV 2013 R2 - Cumulative update 18 Released.

Hi all,

Please find below the details of  Cumulative Update 18 released for Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2013 R2.

Title - Cumulative Update 18 for Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2013 R2

Build No. - 40452

Release Date - April, 2015

Local Version Included - AU, AT, BE, CH, CZ, DE, DK, ES, FI, FR, IS, IT, NA, NL, NO, NZ, SE, RU, UK

Download Link

Note: Implementing this cumulative update will require a database conversion unless you have already implemented update rollup 5.

Platform Issues Resolved in the Cumulative Update are -

The client crashes when a Cue contains a negative value.
"The record that you tried to open is not available. The page will close or show the next record." error message if any Get statement fails in the OnInsert trigger.
Rename-NAVCompany generates errors when GetDatabaseTableTriggerSetup() is being called.
NAV does not update printer information after it started.
ISEMPTY always returns true when you use Security filters.
Error installing the Demo database when the SQL instance is set up with Latin1_General_100_CS_AS collation.
Properties work differently in different languages.
The freeze panel crashes the Windows client in some circumstances when you use the Visibility property.
Using SETFILTER in C/AL code can make NAV hang in some cases.
Drill-down with blank filter does not filter correctly.
When you use page search and encounter a permission error in the Web client, the Web client becomes unusable.
The NAV service tier is running out of memory when you run a report after installing Cumulative Update 12.
A table relation with filters, such as Product."Product Code" WHERE (Parent Product Code=CONST('')), causes an error.
If you specify a filter on an option string field, it will be ignored if the filter value includes an '&' character when calling a page that has a filtered record set.
Assembly error when you try to print preview reports.

For information about previous Update Rollup / Cumulative update released for Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2013, NAV 2013 R2 & NAV 2015 please Navigate to Hotfix Label or follow the Link.

All These links required valid Partner Source / Customer Source Login...

Saurav Dhyani


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