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NAV 2015 - Cumulative update 5 Released.

Hi all,

Please find below the details of  Cumulative Update 5 released for Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2015.

Title - Cumulative Update 5 for Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2015

Build No. - 40262

Release Date - March, 2015

Local Version Included - AU, AT, BE, CH, CZ, DE, DK, ES, FI, FR, IS, IT, NA, NL, NO, NZ, RU, SE, UK.

Download Link

Note: Implementing this cumulative update will require a database conversion unless you have already implemented cumulative update rollup 4.

Platform Issues Resolved in the Cumulative Update are -

The system becomes unresponsive and crashes when you rename double-byte characters to single-byte characters.
The COPYLINKS function does not work for a table with DataperCompany set to No.
The client is disconnected from the server with an unhandled exception (System.NullReferenceException) when you run a codeunit with a DotNet variable.
The Debugger does not show some breakpoints.
After switching language, not all system fields change correctly.
"Unknown error" message during translation import
Client Service Assemblies for Capacity Testing.
Using BigInteger with AutoSplitKey fails when you try to insert a line before the first line.
DelayInsert is not supported on web services.
You encounter a runtime error when you save changes to an OData set in a company with 30 characters in the company name.
The Windows client crashes if there is no default printer.
The RUNREQUESTPAGE function is not multilanguage enabled.
Applying a value to a DataItemTableView removes the actual field from the request page.
"The server <servername> was unable to process the request" error message when you try to open a sales order.
The Customer Statistics FactBox is not translated correctly.
Wrong values exported to Excel when you use a style sheet and fields are blank.
Printing Word Layout error messages are not displayed correctly.
The Note View control does not display the complete note.
It is not possible to change sorting in reports.
If you select one record and use the Setselectionfilter command, the first record is always returned.
If you use the Merge-NAVApplicationObject powershell cmdlet, the Word layout may be deleted from the resulting object.
If a field with ExtendedDataType exists on a FastTab, the color of the progress bar is removed after you collapse and expand the FastTab.
Icon font is not loaded for Web\Tablet client.
Microsoft Dynamics NAV does not see all printers on a terminal server.
Query fails when you filter on FlowFields with SQLDataType variant.
The DataItemLinkReference property cannot be updated in a report.
Incorrect Uri on the HelpServer will make the client crash.
"'SortTable' kann '.' nicht mehr als einmal enthalten" error message when opening Microsoft Dynamics NAV Development Environment after applying CU 4.
"Microsoft Dynamics NAV Excel Add-in encountered an external error: Invalid URI: The URI scheme is not valid" error message when you try to export to Excel.
Double-clicking on the AL editor line should select the current word, not the whole line.
"The record that you tried to open is not available. The page will close or show the next record." error message if any Get statement fails in the OnInsert trigger.
If you specify a filter on an option string field, it will be ignored if the filter value includes an '&' character when you call a page with a filtered record set.
The web service does not show any error if the web service exposes a table field with BLOB.
Rename-NAVCompany generates errors when you call GetDatabaseTableTriggerSetup().
ISEMPTY always returns true when using Security filters.
Properties works differently in different languages.
Microsoft Dynamics NAV does not refresh printer information after it has started.

For information about previous Update Rollup / Cumulative update released for Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2013, NAV 2013 R2 & NAV 2015 please Navigate to Hotfix Label or follow the Link.

All These links required valid Partner Source / Customer Source Login...

Saurav Dhyani


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