Monday, December 9, 2013

NAV 2013 R2 - JET REPORT Configuration with NAV - Part 2

Hi all,

We will start the configuration of Jet Report from the point where we left in Post 1.

we have completed the installation and imported objects into the database.

1 - Open the Role Tailored Client for Windows using the New Service Created in Post1.

2 - Create a web service for Codeunit 14125500 with Service Name as Jet Data Source.
* How to create a web service.

3 - Open Excel, From Jet Menu open Data Source Settings.
Set the Properties as -

Web Service 
Server Name - Your Service Tier Name or IP.
SOAP Service Port - SOAP Port of the service (My case 1047).
Instance - Name of Service (My Case Jet Report).
JET Codeunit - Web Service Name Created in Step 2 (Jet Data Source)
Company - Select The Company Name.

What will happen when your clicks on Drill down of any value in Jet Reports?

In earlier Version it used to open the Classic client of Navision.

From NAV 2013 and later you can specify a different service to open RTC Client for drill down.

You can choose you want web client or Windows Client.

In Data Source Settings Navigate to Drill Down -

a- Select the Drill down method.
b- Specify the path of Role Tailored Client.
c- RTC Server (Service Tier Name / IP).
d- Client service port.
e- RTC Instance.
(Suggested for d & e- Specify the port & instance name that client use to connect instead of new port & instance service created).

If everything is right you will see a Green Icon with Text you are licensed as a....
If there is any issue in configuration you will see a Red Icon with Text You are not licensed for this data source.

If you end up with Red Icon, Just click the URL Text next to ICON and it will show you the issue.

Do post your issues as comments if you face any.

Thanks & Regards,
Saurav Dhyani

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