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JET Reports - Types of Jet Users.

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In this post we will see Types of Jet Users. You might be thinking why it is important to discuss this but you will find it useful when you are actually creating Reports for a Customer.

Without Wasting much time Jet Report Users Are Classified Into Three Types.


A Designer user Has all permissions in Jet Reports.

He/She Can Edit Existing Jet Report and can create New Jet Reports.

The Menu for Designer is as shown below.


A Viewer Has limited permissions.

He/She Can Only run reports and change filters that have been allowed by the Designer.

The Menu for Designer is as shown below. The actions related to Designing and Modifying the Jet Reports are disabled by Default.

Excel User

A Excel User Can only view reports as Excel workbooks.

He/She Cannot change filters or run reports.

You can consider it a user who does not have Jet Installed.

The Menu for Excel User is as Shown Below.

While Creating a Jet Report we need to take care of Type of Users for which we are creating Reports. He/She can be a Viewer or a Excel Users.

There are certain Keywords which are used so that an Excel user can see the output of Report without installing Jet Reports.

Now in Menu we have below listed points are pending to discuss. Once completed we will look into Development of Jet Reports.

1) Report Tools.
2) Formula.
3) Wizards.

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