Sunday, December 29, 2013

JET REPORT - Menu Introduction Part 2.

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Let's see part 2 of detailed explanation of Jet Report Menu available in Excel after installing Jet Reports.

For all Earlier Post Related to Jet Report Please follow the Link.

Once we are done with the Menu Options we will see how to create Jet Reports.

In Last Post we have Covered Following Menu -
a) Settings.
b) Information.

In this post we will see the Modes Menu.

First Three Buttons in Menus shown above are enabled/disabled based on your License.

* Design Menu is Only Available to users who are Designers as per your Licence.

Report & Refresh Menu are available to some Jet Users.

Design – Enters “Design” mode. This mode is used for all report editing/development.

Report – Enters “Report” mode.  This mode is used to view the results of the report queries.

Refresh – Enters “Report" mode but clears all cached formula results prior to running the report data.

Unlock - This menu option will un-protect all Protected Rows, Columns and Sheets in workbook and restore Jet Formulas without navigating to Design Mode.

UnHide - Make all Rows and Columns and Sheets in the workbook as visible without entering the Design Mode.

Purge Cache - Removes all data from cache, so that all the Jet Formulas are re-calculated when report is run.

If Future Post we will see below listed Menu, before we start designing the Jet Reports -

1) Types of Jet Report Users.
2) Report Tools.
3) Formula.
4) Wizards.

Hope these post help you while working on Jet Reports.

Thanks & Regards,
Saurav Dhyani

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