Tuesday, October 1, 2013

NAV 2013 - Development Environment Crash During Creation of Report Request Page.

Hi all,

I found a issue while upgrading reports to NAV 2013 and Plan to share same with you all.

During Upgrading Classic Reports with Request Form to NAV 2013 (say from Version 5), while trying to create request page for Report - NAV 2013 Development Environment Crashes.

Resolution (Detailed Explanation Below)-

1. "Export the Upgraded Report as Text File from NAV 2013 and search for "REQUESTPAGE".

2. Delete Lines Shown Below -




3. Save the Text File, Import it back to NAV 2013 and start development of Request Page.

Detailed Steps (Issue Replication)-

*For Demo i am saving Standard Report 7319 Warehouse Bin List as Report 50000. Below images are for the same report.

1. If Report you want to upgrade have Request Form.

2. As per upgrade Plan we export the customized Object(in our Case Report 50000) from Version 5 and import it in NAV 2013.

3. When i try to desing Report, it says Report Must be Upgraded.

4. So i Select Upgrade Reports From Tools Menu.

5. After This report have been upgraded and a suggested layout have also been created.

6. Now i need the request Page to be created.

7. I Navigate to Request Option Page From View -> Request Page.

8. I Developed Request Page as per requirment.

9. Now as i tried to save the report, Navision client carshed.

Detailed Steps (ISSUE RESOLUTION)-

1. Export Report 50001 from NAV 2013 as Text File.

2. Open Text File and Search for RequestPage.

3. Delete the Request Page From Text File (selected Part).

4. Save the Text File.

5. Import Text File in NAV 2013.

6. Compile Report, Design Request Page and Save.

You will be able to save the report.

Saurav Dhyani

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