Tuesday, July 16, 2013

How to Create Navision Developer Toolkit Database?

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In previous post we had seen how to install developer toolkit.

Now for performing any action in developer toolkit we require a developer toolkit database.


1. Developer Toolkit Database Support Specific Version of Database Created. Please use correct NAV Version for creating database.

 NDT 3.1 - NAV 2009.
 NDT 2.93 - NAV 4SP3.

* You can find details about database version in PDF that comes with Setup.

Let's see how to create a developer toolkit database.

1. Open Navision Client and create a new database.
(Native & SQL both databases are supported by Developer toolkit).

In my Case NDT Version is 3.01, so i will be creating database in NAV Version - 6.0 (for Toolkit Database).

2. Create a new company say "Toolkit".

3. Open Object Designer.

4. Import Developer Toolkit Objects from the directory where it is installed.

Default Path - "c:\Program Files (x86)\Microsoft Dynamics NAV\Developers Toolkit\"

5. File Name DevTool.fob.

6. Twenty Objects will get created.

7. Create windows / Database login with super rights in database.

8. Close the database and Navision client.

9. Open developer toolkit and open the database created for toolkit.

10. Open Company "Toolkit". (Created in Navision)

We have successfully created toolkit database for Developer toolkit for Microsoft Dynamics NAV.

In Other post we will see how to import objects in Toolkit database.

Saurav Dhyani


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