Tuesday, June 25, 2013

NAS Installation Before NAV 2013.

Hi Readers,

Let's see how to install NAS (Navision Application Server)  in this post.

Remember -

1) Never Run NAS from NAS folder inside DVD, as it doesn't install its pre-requisites using this installation procedure.

2) Always use Auto run and Select Application Server to install.

For demo I will be Using NAV 2009 R2 IN.

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Let's Begin...

1) Start the Autorun as Run as Administration.

2) From the Window Under Install Select Microsoft Dynamics NAV.

3) If you have already installed then select Add or Remove Components.

4) Click on Link at Application Sever to Provide Friendly Name for NAS Services.
* Installer automatically install NAS for Classic and SQL.

5) Apply Parameters and click Next.

6) After installation Click OK.

Remember -

* Suggested - Create a domain account with password expiration policy set never expires. we will use same for Running NAS Services.

7) Navigate to Services (By Clicking on RUN and services.msc).

8) As seen below we can see the two services for Native and SQL Client.

9) As shown these services are currently running with network services, please change the login to Default Domain account.

10) I will be using with SQL Database so i will use the service for SQL.

11) Don't try to run the service, as its not configured yet.

We will discuss the configuration in next post.

Saurav Dhyani

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