Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Configuring a Profile in Role Tailored client

Hi all,

I know most of this know this, but this is some of us who are still doesn't know about configuring the Role center page.

Let's start with the article provided by Microsoft for Configuring a Profile. The article can be read here.

Let's follow the steps and try configuring profile "ORDER PROCESSOR".

Step 1 - At the command prompt, navigate to the root folder of the Microsoft Dynamics NAV Windows client.
         cd C:\Program Files (x86)\Microsoft Dynamics NAV\70\RoleTailored Client

Step 2 - Type the following command: Microsoft.Dynamics.Nav.Client.exe -configure -profile: "profileid"
In My case it is - Microsoft.Dynamics.Nav.Client.exe -configure -profile:"ORDER PROCESSOR"

But i got an error message popup saying - You do not have the permission to configure the 'ORDER PROCESSOR' Profile.

What can be the casue of the issue?

Its just the Owner property in the profiles.

Open the RTC (Windows) Client and navigate to
CRONUS India Ltd./Departments/Administration/Application Setup/RoleTailored Client/Profiles.

Select the profile you want to configure and select your ID in Owner ID Field. That's it.

Once done run the same command in step 2 in command prompt. Walla RTC client opened.

Now do the changes for the user level as per your wish, like i want to hide department for the profile.

So i went to customize navigation pane. Select & Removed the department button.

Now close the RTC client and open it from the start menu.

If you have the profile of order processor in user personalizaion you will not see and will not able to enable the department tab.

If you want the department tab back, go to configuration mode and restore it to default.

I hope some of us will find this post useful.

Thanks & Regards,
Saurav Dhyani

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