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Hide Specific Department From Department Menu in Navision RTC

Hi all,

Today i came across a different type of query,where my client who is using Navision 2009 R2 RTC Client. He wanted to only Role specific jobs to all his users.

Yeah we have a hotfix for the same which can hide department button from the Role Center page and user can only see the task that he need to perform.

* Detail of the hotfix for hiding department from RTC can be found in this post.

But the query was that he don't want to hide the whole department button from the role center page. What he wanted that Users other than finance and Administration can only see all other department than these two.

He only wanted to hide Administration and Finance Menu from Department.

Unfortunately microsoft have no hotfix for the issue, so i created a suggestion for the same at Microsoft connect. If you think that this is importany than vote for it here. We will find it in new release of navision.

But while exploring this option i figured out that if the user wants to hide these two options from the department menu for all users than it can be done.

Lets see how we can do that. Lets go to classic client and design the RTC menusuit. Right click on the menu which you dont want to see. Select hide from Designer and save the menusuit.

Compile and save the menusuit and start RTC and click on Department tab. you will not find menu over there as shown in image below.

Thanks & Regards,
Saurav Dhyani


  1. Hi Saurav,
    Thanks for sharing your knowledge. But I have one more question.
    The requirement of my client is a bit different.Eg:- Suppose there are two users with two different roles One for Creating and Posting Sales Order and Another for Creating and Posting Purchase Order.Now if I give roles and permission in classic it works fine.And it also works in RTC.But in RTC the other menus like Finance are accessiable to them. SO how can we prevent this. Because a sales or a purchase guy should not be able to see finance information...Thanks In advance..

    1. Hi Anonymous,

      If your client is using Version NAV 2009 R2 then it is possible. In this version there is a hotfix which let you hide the whole department tab itself from the Role center menu of user, which is not available in 2009 or 2009 SP1.But hiding certain specific menu is not possible in RTC.

      Let me know if you have any issues.

      Saurav Dhyani

  2. Hii

    If we want to disable Marketing setup/Sales and marketing setup in rtc menu in 2009 r2 then wat to do any help


  3. Hi

    Among my departments in the Navigation Pane in the Classic client I have a new department called Shop.
    Have anyone a suggestion why I can't see this department among the default/standard departments (i.e. Purchase, Jobs etc.) , when I'm running the RTC ?

    I'm running NAV 2009 R2, role center with ID 9006, and I have transformed all the MenuSuits in classic to RTC "Menusuites" , i.e. +1000 in ID No. (MS 30 -> MS 1030, MS 90 -> MS 1090 etc. ).
    Futhermore I'm using a license giving me permission to the Shop-department functionality.


    1. Hi joren,

      are u able to find associated pages in RTC from search menu?
      If not can u expain error with screenshot.

      Email me -


    2. Hi Saurav,
      I have created a new Menu (called Shop) in the Navigation Pane in the Classic database. What does it take, to let this Shop Menu appear in this Department list in RTC:
      (screenshots will not be pasted!)

      Financial Management
      Sales & Marketing
      Resource Planning
      Human Resources
      e.g. here !


    3. Hi Jorgen,

      For Displaying menu in RTC you just need to add that particular menu in Menusuit 10XX series (in case of partner in menu 1080).

      You can confirm the menu by designing the menusuit 1080 in classic client. Just check the properties of menu item in 10XX series menu. Are the properties for every new page, Report have been set properly.

      If u can share your email here or drop a test mail to me i will send you a screen shot about how i create a new menu in classic and it being displayed in RTC.


    4. Hi Saurav,

      It is working now! I believe it was a combination of missing MS 80 and MS 1080 , and not using the correct language.

      Thanks for your help!


  4. Hi Suarav,

    I am also facing the same issue of hiding / disabling the Department menu from the NAV2013 client, but still I am unable to find any solution for this.

    I can disable the Department menu from the client screen by using "Customize Navigation Pane", but this is not a permanent (as I understood).

    Any help in this regard will be highly appriciated.


    1. Hi RV,

      Yes you can do that as a permanent solution by opening the RTC client in Configuration Mode.

      For Details how to open RTC Client in configuration Mode please read -

      Once you hide department in configuration mode, user cannot set it to visible.

      Let me know if any issues.

      Saurav Dhyani

    2. hello Saurav,

      Thanks a lot for your prompt response.

      I have tried this option earlier also to open the RTC client in configuration mode thru command prompt, but every time it is throwing an error of permission. But I am working with developer license and I didn't find any problem with this license. I don't know whether this is a license problem or something else.

      Please suggest.


    3. Hello RV,

      I will try to post a article on same as soon as possible. today i am busy with some other task.
      Just an update - "can u try running command Prompt as Administrator".

      It's not a license problem.

      Saurav Dhyani


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