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114'th bcopendiscussion - ChatGPT API and Business Central.

Hi Readers, This session was one of the most watched sessions as we deeply discussed in ChatGPT Integration with Business Central. Enjoy! Regards, Saurav Dhyani

Data Upgrade - Business Central 14 To Business Central 22.

Hi Readers, In this tutorial we are discussing regarding the upgrade (data migration) process from Business Central 14 (C/AL) to Business Central 22 (AL). Let us know if you have any questions in comments. Regards, Saurav Dhyani

Business Central - All About Companies?

Hi, Do you know everything about Companies with Business central? Give this a try and let us know in comments if you learned something new. Regards, Saurav Dhyani

Attach an Excel file in #msdyn365bc Email.

Hi Readers, In the tutorial we discuss how to attach an excel file in Business Central E-mail. With this process if your scenario requires to add Excel file in email generated by Business Central. Regards, Saurav Dhyani

2’nd #bcopendiscussion - Exploring New Features in Business Central 24.

 Hi All, We have restarted #bcopendiscussion. With 2024 Season we started with What's new in Business Central 2024. You can join future meetings, following this link. Register for upcoming event , and we will see you there. Regards, Saurav Dhyani

Export Multiple Sheets in Excel from #msdyn365bc

Hi Readers, This video discusses how to export multiple excel sheets in excel. This is done via using Excel buffer in business central. The code segment works on on-prem and Business central SaaS. Regards, Saurav Dhyani

Exporting #msdyn365bc Data to Microsoft Excel.

Hi Readers, This tutorial discusses about how to use Export to Excel feature in Business Central. With this video you can export data to Business Central. Regards, Saurav Dhyani