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#msdyn365bc - How to access SQL database inside docker container ?

Hi Readers, This is one of the common questions that is asked so many times.  Question - How can I access my database inside Docker Container in SQL Server Management Studio? There are situations where you would like to see data stored in SQL Server that is mapped for the docker container.  There can be multiple reasons to have access the SQL Server. In this article we will see how easy it is to access SQL Database mapped to docker container.

#msdyn365bc - Copy journal function on Posted General Journals.

Hi Readers, The 2020 release wave 2 delivers a set of features which are requested by customers and Partners. In this article we will discuss about one of such feature which was added in Business Central based on Idea summited. In this article we will discuss about that feature as a process and technically.  After this article I hope you will be able to use and also understand how to technically handle customs with respect to General Journal.

#MSDyn365BC - Enabling Upcoming Features Ahead of Time.

Hi Readers, With #MSDyn365bc 2020 Release Wave 2 , Microsoft have enabled a New feature called "Feature Management". In this article we will understand -  How administrators can turn on new features using the Feature Management page.  What we need to take care before enabling new feature in Business Central.

#MSDyn365BC - What's New in 2020 release wave 2 Administration?

Hi Readers, The 2020 release wave 2 delivers a set of features that are designed to simplify and improve the way partners administer tenants, and the way administrators carry out administration tasks for licensing and permissions. In this article, we will list down what's new in #Msdyn365bc 2020 Release Wave 2 administration is summary. If you would like to understand more about any of the topic listed below, Please let me know as comment to this article.

How DO I - Calculate Working and Nonworking Day in #MSDynNAV & #MSDyn365bc.

Hi Readers, In Last article we understand how to setup Base Calendar in #MSDynNAV & #MSDyn365bc.  In this article we will see how we can utilize base calendar to check Working and Non-Working Days based on Calendar.  This is actually a question during last #bcopendiscussion from  Shahid Ullah . Question - How to find the Workings Days in a month or from a given date range?

Setup Base Calendars in #MSDynNAV & #MSDyn365bc.

 Hi Readers, In last week #bcopendiscussion  we discussed about Base Calendars. With Microsoft Dynamics NAV and Business Central one of the feature that is not much talked about is Calendars. With this feature you can define your working and non-working days which will also help in date calculations in Business Central.   The main task in setting up a new base calendar is to specify and define the non-working days that you want to apply. In this article, we will discuss about steps to setup Base Calendar.

#MSDyn365BC Reduce Data Stored in Business Central Tenant - Compress Tables?

Hi all, In Part 1 and Part 2 we discussed about few ways to Reduce Data Stored in Business Central Database that includes - Delete unused companies Delete documents Use retention policies Migrate BLOB data types to Media or MediaSet In this article, we will understand a Compress Tables Feature with Business Central.