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NAV 2013 - Update Rollup 10 Released.

Hi all, Please find below the details of Update Rollup 10 released for Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2013. For information about previous Update Rollup released for Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2013 below are the links -     Update Rollup 1 to 6     Update Rollup 7     Update Rollup 8     Update Rollup 9 Title - Update Rollup 10 for Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2013 Build No. - 36005 Release Date - January, 2014 Local Version Included - AU, DE, DK, FR, IT, NA, NL, NZ, SE, UK Download Link These links required valid Partner Source / Customer Source Login... Regards, Saurav Dhyani

NAV 2013 R2 - Multi- Tenancy - Tables with Data Comman to All Companies.

Hi all, I found one more issue after applying Multi - Tenancy to my database. Here is the problem - When i try to create a table with DataPerCompany Property Set to NO, Developer Environment give an error message saying "There are multiple tenants mounted on the server. Validating table layout changes to protect against data-loss is only supported with a single tenant mounted on the server."

NAV 2013 R2 - Multi-Tenancy Environment Web Client.

Hi all, Till now we have seen how to implement Multi-Tenancy. Today let's discuss the web client in  Multi-Tenancy Environment. Now what changes do i need to do to run a Web client for a specific Tenant. Suppose i want to run web client for all the Tenants. Objective of Post - 1) Configure the Web Server for the Service MultiTenancy. 2) Access the web client with all Tenants.

NAV 2013 R2 - Multi-Tenancy Run Objects from Developer Environment.

Hi all, As we discussed in earlier post about Multi-Tenancy, we are facing some issues after implementing the same. One of the issue was discussed in earlier post. In this post we will see a common error message after Multi-Tenancy i.e "I cannot run the object from Object Designer after implementing Multi-Tenancy".

NAV 2013 R2 - Multi-Tenancy Errors.

Hi all, During implementation of MultiTenant we have discussed that there are some data common to all companies tables which remain in the application database. Let's open the application database from SQL Server and see the list. Now let's open the Windows Client and try to add records in any of these tables.

NAV 2013 R2 - Where is the Tenant Information Stored?

Hi all, During Previous Post we have successfully migrated from a single tenant to Multi Tenant Environment. But there are some questions in my mind and may be in your mind also. a) From where system identify that the Service Instance is Single / Multi Tenant? b) Where exactly the Information about Tenants stored in the system?

NAV 2013 R2 - Multi-Tenancy Part 4

Hi all, Previous Post in this series are -   -  Multitenant Concept.   -  Implementing Multi-Tenancy Part 1 .   -  Implementing Multi-Tenancy Part 2 .   - Implementing Multi-Tenancy Part 3 . This post was created due to questions from multiple readers about existence of Default Tenant. 1. Do we need Default Tenant if there are no Companies? 2. Is Default Tenant is Mandatory? The answer of both the questions is No. So what we will see in this post is - 1. Move to Default Company in a separate Tenant say Test. 2. Delete the default Tenant.