Wednesday, September 26, 2012

NAV 2013 Released For Group I

Hi all,

Finally the wait is over.

Yesterday Microsoft has released NAV 2013 from Group A Countries. Below is the list of Group A Countries.

  • AU-Australia
  • CA-Canada
  • DK-Denmark
  • FR-France
  • DE-Germany
  • IN-India
  • IT-Italy
  • MX-Mexico
  • NL-Netherlands
  • NZ-New Zealand
  • ES-Spain
  • SE-Sweden
  • UK-United Kingdom
  • US-United States
  • W1 
 NAV 2013 can be downloaded from the link. It would require a Partner source login.

But there is some issues in downloading the same.I got an error message while trying to Download.

MBS File Exchange Access Denied.
If you feel you received this message in error please contact

Hope we will be able to download soon.


Saurav Dhyani

Friday, September 21, 2012

Replacement of JET Reports

Hi all,

While reading today in Microsoft Website about new features of Microsoft and guess what i found.

Power Pivot an replacement for Jet Reports.

It connects to SQL Database in the same way but i don't know about the License but it don't have those issues which we have for JET Report License Issue.

Power Pivot can be downloaded From here.

NAV 2013 Latest Updates

Hi all,

This post is only for those who have a valid partner source Login.

Microsoft Partner Source have a page which have a list of all the features that have been released till date for NAV 2013.

This Page also contain a Excel File Named as Mega Map which contain Links for Videos for NAV 2013.

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Either the caller does not have the required permission or the specified path is read-only.

Hi all,

Sometime while trying to connect to Role tailored client we face an error message which says this -
"Either the caller does not have the required permission or the specified path is read-only."
and it looks like -

 This can happen with NAV 2009 & later.

Reason -
The reason for error is that the user have not sufficient rights on the service tier or i can say on the service folder in Server.

Resolution -

1) Go to service folder in the server.
2) Right click and select properties.
3) Navigate to security Tab.
4) Click Edit.
5) see user by which you are trying to connect is there, if not add it.
6) If exist check for the permissions in below box.
7) In both the cases assign permission to user.
8) Apply and ok.
9) Restart the service.
10) Connect to RTC Client.

Saurav Dhyani

Wednesday, September 5, 2012

The Object File cannot be used with this version of the program.

Hi all,

While exporting the objects in FOB format we sometime get the below error that says -

"The Object File cannot be used with this version of the program."

 I got this error while trying objects from NAV 2009 installed and trying to export the objects in FOB Format whereas the Text format export was working fine.

After searching i found out that it was due to some exported objects of NAV 2013 lying at the same path.

Once i removed those higher version FOB files from the location i was able to take backup on that location.

Saurav Dhyani